Talented Artists who you may not know

Hello, it’s Freda and I again. I am quite passionate about art and collectible stuff and I would like to make it a mission of mine to help it become more visible as I think many more people would enjoy it if they were just more aware of things around them. Freda is going to help me do that.


This week I will be talking about a few artists that I consider to be very important but necessarily known by the mainstream. They are all famous in their own right but probably only in the “art world”. Here are a few of my faves;


Jeremy Geddes: He is a painter from Melbourne in Australia. His style is that of photo-reality. Those paintings that you see that could easily be photos. I have so much admiration for this style and it is probably my favourite form of modern-day art. His two cosmonaut paintings are simply stunning!


Oda & Kit King: These guys are actually husband and wife and aren’t too dissimilar from the style of Geddes. Their image ‘Facelift’ is quite remarkable and from a small distance it simply looks life a photo. Amazing!


Michael Sole: This guy is a little different from the other two (three). His have more of an environmental inclination and he doesn’t do the photo realism stuff. Very good in his own right and a young artist to watch out for.


Matt Malloy: He is a Canadian based artist. He is in fact a photographer and he often cultivates images that do in fact look like paintings, which is why I had to include him in this post. He uses a technique that enables him to layer multiple of the same scene but at different times of the day, often with incredible results.


Bye from Freda and I


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