Hello once more. Freda is doing very well and I am OK as well. We both hope you enjoyed our musings from last time. We hope you enjoyed them that much that you wouldn’t mind something along the same lines this time. I felt that we hadn’t covered enough artists so here is another post with a few more amazingly talented people.


Devorah Sperber: A very interesting and contemporary artist. Her work looks at the connection between art and technology. She has been in The New York Times and other major publications. Has been around the block a fair bit. Graduated Art School way back in 1987.


Hsin-Yao Tseng: A young artist, his usual subject is that of San Francisco scenery, mostly urban. Somewhat of a retro, classic kind of style, he brings that up to date when focusing on those urban scenes. It won’t be long before he is very well known in the art industry.


Daniel Dove: He has honed his art over the past 20 years and that has seen him develop into a very refined and unique artist. You can see that with his work ‘Overlap’.


Shannon Finley: He has a different edge to the previous artists. He works a lot with rigid shapes and abstract mathematical forms. He is also a sculptor. He is more than just that though and has done a lot of animation work to add to his portfolio.


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